Tidal Financial Partnership with “Wealthsimple For Advisors” Enhances Client Experience

Tidal Financial is pleased to announce our strategic alliance with Wealthsimple For Advisors as just one investment solution available to our Financial Planning and Wealth Management clients.

Watch the brief video introduction here, and reach out to learn more about the efficiencies and opportunities offered by this state of the art platform over the traditional mutual fund space.

Updated Media Page

Our Media Page has been updated to include all five “Keeping Tabs” video segments – as well as links to more than a dozen articles featuring interviews and insights from Will Britton, CFP.  From local media to national publications, we are proud to be considered a respected and trusted source for media outlets…


Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning is an ongoing process...
Financial Planning is an ongoing process…

Financial Planning is not an event, nor is it a pie graph, chart or print out.  It is a continuous process comprised of clearly identifiable steps that will put you on track to meet your personal objectives.  Continuous regular review will allow you make the necessary adjustments as your objectives change or as “life happens”, and ensure that your plan remains current and relevant.  To learn more about establishing your own Financial Plan, get in touch!

Offering Integrated Financial Advice

Cover all the angles!
Cover all the angles!

Life can be complicated. Maximizing and protecting your wealth doesn’t have to be.

Integrated advice will ensure your wealth is viewed from every angle. From tax advantages and protection against market volatility to identifying opportunities to increase your portfolio, a sound financial security plan gives your wealth the attention it deserves.

Lean on our objective advice. Because you should feel confident about the decisions you make about your wealth, your legacy, and your future generations.

Promo Video For “Keeping Tabs”

“Keeping Tabs” segments went to air at www.station14.ca starting May 1st, 2014!  This is the 10 second promotional spot that ran in rotation on the site.

All five “Keeping Tabs” videos are now available on our Media page!

A Chat With Preet Banerjee

Preet Banerjee PodcastFollowing last month’s introduction of Bill 157, “The Financial Advisors Act 2014” as a private member’s bill in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the time finally seemed to be right to connect with Preet Banerjee to share and explore our ideas about the current regulation of financial services – specifically “financial advisors” – and what changes can / should / need to be made to best serve and protect all Canadians, and protect the integrity of the profession.  Our conversation can be found on his latest “Mostly Money Mostly Canadian” podcast (episode 38)…

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