November is Financial Literacy Month!

Advocis Kingston launched Financial Literacy Month 2015 with laughter, presenting James Cunningham’s “Funny Money” program to local high school students.  Volunteers from The Financial Advisors Association of Canada will also be in local Elementary classrooms this month, delivering Junior Achievement’s financial literacy presentations.  Will is proud to sit as the current President of the local chapter, as well as the Program Chair.

Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning is an ongoing process...
Financial Planning is an ongoing process…

Financial Planning is not an event, nor is it a pie graph, chart or print out.  It is a continuous process comprised of clearly identifiable steps that will put you on track to meet your personal objectives.  Continuous regular review will allow you make the necessary adjustments as your objectives change or as “life happens”, and ensure that your plan remains current and relevant.  To learn more about establishing your own Financial Plan, get in touch!

Offering Integrated Financial Advice

Cover all the angles!
Cover all the angles!

Life can be complicated. Maximizing and protecting your wealth doesn’t have to be.

Integrated advice will ensure your wealth is viewed from every angle. From tax advantages and protection against market volatility to identifying opportunities to increase your portfolio, a sound financial security plan gives your wealth the attention it deserves.

Lean on our objective advice. Because you should feel confident about the decisions you make about your wealth, your legacy, and your future generations.

Finding The RIGHT Financial Planner For YOU!

With so many financial advisors and planners available and offering to assist you,  working within an overwhelming variety of business models and offering a dizzying selection of products and services – how can you possibly settle on the best fit for you?  Here a few items to keep in mind…

Not Always About The Math

Are you one of many who, despite your best calculations and efforts, just can’t seem to take control of your finances and manage to get ahead?  In the premiere segment of “Keeping Tabs”, Certified Financial Planner Will Britton shares his thoughts on what the most common problem is – and how you can start to avoid and/or change some of those bad money habits, so you can seize today and enjoy tomorrow!

“Keeping Tabs” Premieres Today!

Station 14 Kingston
Station 14 Kingston

The introductory segment of “Keeping Tabs” went live on Station 14 today!  Please check it out, and share your feedback…

Station 14: Keeping Tabs: It’s Not Always About The Math

Also, we received word today that Will has been chosen to write a financial column for “Spotlight On Seniors“, beginning with the June Issue!

We couldn’t be happier with the recognition and various opportunities to be Kingston’s “Local Expert“!

Rise with the Tide!