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Life is full of unforeseen circumstances. Most are pleasant, but no one is immune to possible occurrences that may have devastating consequences on the quality of life that you have planned for yourself and your loved ones (death, illness, etc.). In addition to having to overcome the grief and other emotional problems arising from such an event, you also have to carry the financial burden that is likely to result.

As an independent broker and principal at Tidal Financial, I am able to offer a wide variety of life and health insurance solutions – backed by a number of Canada’s largest risk management companies – that will prepare you to confront these situations confidently.

Life Insurance is fundamental to all good planning – whether it be to protect your family against a sudden loss of income, insure a key company employee or plan your estate.

Critical Illness Insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment, to be used however you see fit, after a critical illness or condition is diagnosed.

Disability Income Insurance provides you with a source of income that replaces your salary during a period of disability resulting from an accident or illness.

Personal Health and Dental Insurance can be customized to provide you with the type of benefits and level of coverage that suit you, your family and your budget.


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