At Tidal Financial, we recognize that you often walk a fine line between ‘risk’ and ‘reward’ with your investments. I aim to make your money work as hard for you as you do for it – while at the same time ensuring that you are not exposed to any more risk than need be.

When it comes to providing you with the guidance and service you deserve with your investments, Tidal Financial prides itself on two key philosophies. First, we strive to offer objective-based solutions; providing you with the appropriate growth vehicle to meet your personal needs and comfort level. Second, we will take the time to offer each client an educational approach, so that you fully understand where your money is, how it is working for you, and why it is the ideal fit. I do not claim to control the investment markets or to know how they will perform at any given time – it is my belief that no one can. What I do offer is ‘planning’ and ‘perspective’ in working towards your financial goals.

Tidal Financial Management Inc. is pleased to offer a wide variety of guaranteed and market-based investment solutions, as well as banking options, to meet our clients’ registered and non-registered savings needs.  We are also excited to be affiliated with “Wealthsimple For Advisors“, offering clients a user-friendly, accessible, transparent and cost-effective alternative to traditional mutual fund platforms.

Investor Emotion

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