“The world of retirement and personal financial planning is often confusing and overwhelming. Having a personal financial planner who can navigate the intricacies and volumes of available information is key to feeling comfortable with the decisions you make with your hard-earned money. Will Britton is informed and up-to-date on what’s happening in the markets. He applies current knowledge and broad experience to help his clients realize their financial goals. Working with Will was pleasant and pain-free. He was flexible – meeting me when my schedule permitted, and always prepared. He is excellent at what he does, and he makes talking about intimidating things like retirement planning and investment options understandable.”

– Julie Einarson 

“Will Britton has been my financial advisor for the past two years. Close to my retirement, circumstances left me in a financial position that I didn’t expect, so Will’s expertise was crucial to my future. Even though my investments were small, Will made personal trips to my home in Oshawa, Ontario, each quarter to go over my options during a trying economic time. With Will’s help and advice, I am now entering retirement without fear. Thank you, Will.”

– Eileen Whitney 

“Dear Will…Thanks for assessing my overall financial means and goals, and translating an overwhelming big-picture into smaller, more comprehensible chunks. My mind tends to glaze over reading finance terminology, so it was great to have someone I trusted tell me what various documents meant in plain English.”

– Amy Cadman

“As someone responsible for a large retail operation I’ve become very familiar with financial planning over the years. However, I knew that I needed to find a financial services professional who I could trust with my own money. After a few less than satisfying experiences, I met with Will Britton and haven’t looked back.

From insurance and investment to retirement planning, Will has taken the time to craft a realistic solution that is custom-fitted to my needs. I no longer have to stay awake worrying about my finances. I have a plan and everything is under control – period.

As a business person, I always look for great customer service and Will delivers over and above every time. He takes the time to educate you, shows you options you didn’t even realize you had, and then lets you decide what course to take. No matter what your financial situation – just starting out or looking for other opinions – you owe it yourself to talk to Will.

I’ve included my email so you can thank me!”

 – Dan Milling at dmilling@gmail.com

“Will made planning for today, tomorrow and the future easy. We explained to Will what we had in place already and what our needs were. He was able to lay out the options for us when it came to life insurance, retirement plans, savings plans and more. I can’t deny being rather intimidated by the prospect of trying to figure it all out. Will was able to explain it all in a way that we could make a well educated choice about what best suited our needs based on our current financial situation. I really appreciated the fact that he took one look at our current life insurance and knew he could provide us with a better policy for less money. After going over our current rrsp’s he noticed that our investments were not meeting the risk factors that we expressed interest in. He was able to make the appropriate changes for us. Will makes following the information that is coming at you much easier than it has been in the past. He is available when we need to make changes or have questions. I truly appreciate the time he has taken to help us achieve our goals for the future.”

– Rebecca and Ron Hannaford

“Will has helped me better understand the world of investing; as a result of working with him, I am comfortable with my future and have a greater understanding of how the economy operates. Will can simplify the most difficult pieces of information and construct a quick solution to any financial problems you are facing. I would recommend his services to anyone – friends, family, and even strangers in need of financial advice.”

 – Troy Gallant

“I would highly recommend Will Britton to help anyone with their financial decisions. Will had a professional demeanor and was focused on showing me all of the options, so that I could make the right choices for my situation. I believe that Will provides financial services with honesty and integrity, qualities that are lacking with some other financial advisers/institutions.”

– Mark Dasilva

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